“Hey Beetle, Tell Me How To Call You”

“Hey Beetle, Tell Me How To Call You” was carried out in Zvornik in 2013, as a part of OSCE project “What prejudice cannot see.” The project involved 12 members of the workshop “Paleta.” This piece of art was created by painting canvases on the pavement (Street Art), more precisely in front of the Town Museum where the workshop itself is situated. The project was inspired by Volkswagen’s car “Beetle” and “The Beatles” – the famous rock band from Liverpool. Beetle car is one of the renowned representatives of the hippie movement. It appeared in many movies and popular comic books, such as Dylan Dog. This type of car is considered one of the most popular and best-selling cars of all times. The Beatles were, and probably still are, an iconic rock band from Liverpool. They are widely regarded as the most successful and most recognized band of the rock era.
Therefore, it is completely justified to say that “The Beatles” and Volkswagen’s “Beetle” are considered to be most representative souvenirs of the sixties and a great inspiration for creating works of art.

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