“I Plan to Remain a Child Forever”

August 4, 2016.

Syria. So far, so close. Far geographically, but close to our children by suffering they are currently going through. Unfortunately, our children had been affected by war decades ago. But unlike our children, Syrian children are born warriors. Destined by their place of birth, they are warriors of dire conflicts which grown ups mercilessly promote and spread while pushing children to war. All kids want is to laugh, play and enjoy their lives if they could. For them, even war became a game. They don’t understand what’s going on. Everything is so abstract and complicated for those honest hearts, because grown-ups are trying to make everything very intricate, creepy, overwhelmed with sorrow and suffering. That anxiety is called war. Land of lost children dreams.

And by what did children deserve this? By nothing. Who has the right to ruin innocent children’s dreams? Nobody.

But the people in the big comfortable armchairs are still ruining children’s dreams in the core. Each child is born with the right to proper development and growing up, free movement, tolerance, understanding and acceptance. Being black or white, wrong or right, a child with a speech and some other flaw, every child has a right to smile, to a worry-less game, to education, to a meal, warm clothes and a comfortable bed of a warm and cozy home. Every child is the result of grown-ups’ will and is usually born out of love. But even when it is not so, nobody has the right to rip out that smile in its roots, and push the child down the cliff of war.

And they promise us every day…

Oh how they wash our brains, like we’re all just little sheep. They lie about how peace in the world is necessary, how the birthrate is the necessity upon which this world has tirelessly to work. If so, why don’t you do something to put your guns down right now, and get the sound of a fighter plane replaced by some soothing music? If so, why are you cutting our dreams in their roots? If so, why don’t you have just little mercy for the soft kids’ hearts, which are crying out for little play. Children’s dream is simple. Turn all the weapons of the world into candy and stuffed bears. The world will be warmer, safer and tastier. And the Syrian kids just want to stay the kids. You… you… and you don’t have the right to make ruin their dreams.

Put the gun down! Put it down! Right now.

On two canvases 2,5m long were presented the children of Syria. Focused on the the smile and the charms of the childhood, painter and pedagogue Jovo Lalić along with his students Radan Ilić, Ljubica Perić, Miljan Ilić, Anđela Medić and Miloš Bošković, presented the world and what is currently happening in an authentic way.


"Planiram da zauvjek ostanem dijete"

Likovni projekat “Planiram da zauvjek ostanem dijete” 2016 – Galerija

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